The 7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge


Spring is in the air! Birds are starting to chirp, the snow is starting to melt (hopefully), and your house is ready to be cleaned after months of hibernation. Do you have what it takes to complete this 7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge? Give it your best shot:

Day One: Bedrooms

  • Wash all linens and bedding
  • Organize dressers and nightstand 
  • Dust ceiling fans, mirrors, and blinds
  • Wash curtains
  • Dust and polish all furniture
  • Flip mattress
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets

Day Two: Kitchen

  • Empty out refrigerator, wipe down inside and outside top to bottom
  • Organize all drawers, tops of counters, cupboards, and the pantry
  • Deep clean the microwave and wash filters
  • Deep clean the stove
  • Dust ceiling fixtures, appliances, décor, and in all corners
  • Disinfect and clean sinks
  • Mop and wax the floor

Day Three: Living & Dining Rooms

  • Dust corners, windows, and baseboards
  • Dust all furniture and polish
  • Empty all shelves and surfaces, dust, and organize
  • Wipe down all windows
  • Vacuum all cushions 
  • Wash curtains
  • Vacuum and shampoo all carpets
  • Sweep and wax floors as needed

Day Four: Bathrooms

  • Deep clean toilet bowl, top of toilet, and around toilet
  • Wipe down shower top to bottom
  • Organize all drawers and cupboards
  • Clean and disinfect counters and sinks
  • Dust corners, ceilings, and any décor
  • Wash shower curtain & replace liner if needed
  • Mop floors

Day Five: Laundry Room & Linen Closet

Laundry Room

  • Wash and put away all laundry
  • Dust and clean all surfaces in laundry room
  • Run empty cycle on washing machine to deep clean
  • Deep clean out lint filter in dryer
  • Mop floors

Linen Closet

  • Empty all shelves, purge things no longer needed
  • Wipe down shelves
  • Wash all linens
  • Touch up labels as needed
  • Fold, organize, and put all linens back

Day Six: Entry

  • Dust ceilings, light fixtures, corners, blinds décor
  • Wash curtains
  • Clean windows inside & out
  • Mop floors
  • Tidy up clutter
  • Wash baseboards, door frames, door knobs, etc.

Day Seven: Basement/Attic/Storage areas

  • Throw away junk no longer needed
  • Donate old, gently used clothes to charity
  • Empty storage area, clean floors
  • Put everything back in an organized manner
(source: The Refurbished Life, “The Mother of All Spring Cleaning Lists”, Link

Do you think you have what it takes to do the 7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge? Share with friends to see if they can handle it!

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